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  • Duct fan with rectangular connections.
  • RKX is a refinement of RK and a safe choice for numerous applications within the industry.
  • The fan is intended to transport gas in explosive environment.
  • The fan can only be used in zone 1 and 2.
  • The ATEX fan is not subject to the ErP directive.
  • Impeller with forward curved blades.
  • The external rotor AC motor has maintenance-free sealed ball-bearings.
  • Enclosure class of the fan is IP 54.
  • External motor protection and junction box are available as accessories.
  • For speed control a transformer can be connected.
  • Fan housing is manufactured from galvanized sheet steel with a nonsparking inlet cone made from copper.
  • The fan is certified according to directive 2014/34/EC and quality factor G 6.3.
  • Compliance with the standards EN 60079-0 + A11: 2013 and EN 14986: 2007.
  • The fan is intended to be installed indoors in a duct system.
  • Swing-out design to simplify the maintenance and cleaning of the impeller.




    Teknik Tablo... RKX 600x350 E3
    Parameter Value Unit
    Voltage 400 V
    Voltage Delta 230 V
    Phase 3 ~
    Frequency 50 Hz
    Power 2000 W
    Current 3.9 A
    Current Delta 6.8 A
    Speed 1370 r.p.m.
    Max. temperature of transported air 40 °C
    Max. temperature of transported air when speed controlled 40 °C
    Sound pressure level at 3 m 61 dB(A)
    Weight 43 kg
    Enclosure class 44 IP
    Insulation class, motor F  
    Duct connection 600x350 mm
    Max. flow 1180 l/s
    Max. pressure 582 Pa
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