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The European quality and safety standard for explosion-proof fans is called ATEX. AB C.A. Östberg was one of the first fan producers in Europe to achieve ATEX-certfication, this certification means that our production of explosion-proof fans are tightly controlled by our independent certification authority. The ATEX-certified fans are the result of a development at AB C.A. Östberg. Great importance has by us been put into the manufacture of high quality products that are easy to use and install. The explosion-proof fans are the safe choice for numerous applications in hazardous locations.


RADIAL FAN RFTX range is manufactured with safety features such as a nonsparking inlet cone made from brass and a motor separated from the airflow.
The fan is connected via an integrated terminal box. The RFTX is available in 3 sizes for air volumes up to 0,5 m3/s

ATEX Sertifikali EXPROOF Radyal Fanlar

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