Flameproof, Duvar Tipi, IP55, Class F Motorlu ATEX Serisi Exproof Fan
Atex Derecesi II 2G Ex d IIB T5
Avrupa Birliği 94/9/CE yönergesine uygun donanım ve koruma sistemleri, patlama potansiyeli olan tehlikeli alanlarda kullanıma yöneliktir. Donanım yönergedeki temel sağlın ve güvenlik gereklerine uygun olarak tasarlanmış ve üretilmiştir.



HDT/4-400 EXDIIBT5 (230/400V50HZ)D VE

Range of plate mounted axial flameproof fans. Mounting plate manufactured from galvanised sheet steel fitted with an internal aluminium ring and motor support manufactured from heavy gauge aluminium sheet. The whole assembly is protected by aluminium paint finish B-0920. Impellers manufactured from one piece die-cast aluminium with aerofoil profile fixed blades and finished in a high temperature paint coating (red colour).
Available, depending upon the model, with single or three phase motors in 4, 6 or 8 poles.

All motors are IP55, Class F insulation.
All motors incorporate ball bearings greased for life.
Electrical supplies:

Single phase 230V-50Hz.
Three phase 230/400V-50Hz.

4.780 m3/h Duvar Tipi ATEX Belgeli Fan HDT/4-400 (380 V)

  • Teknik Özellikler :

    Diameter 400 mm
    Fan size 400
    Blades 6
    Weight15,00 kg


    Number of poles 4
    Motor Power -
    Maximum absorbed current1,9 A / 1,1 A
    IP RatingIP55
    Motor insulation classF

    Detaylı Teknik Özellikler...

  • ATEX versions HDT

    ATEX versions HDT
    On request, explosion proof versions in accordance with ATEX Directive.
    For ambient working temperatures from -20ºC to +40ºC.
    - ATEX Flameproof-Gas
    II 2G Ex d IIB T4
    II 2G Ex d IIB+H2 T4
    - ATEX Dust
    Suspended flammable particles and non-conductive dust:
    II 3D Ex tc IIIB T125ºC
    Conductive dust:
    II 3D Ex tc IIIC T125ºC (with IP65 motor)
    To select HDT ATEX refer to performance curves or Easyvent.
    Note electrical data may vary for ATEX motors.
    Alternative ATEX motors, if available, may be filled- please refer."