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Troyteknik Heliosa 44 2kW IPX5 SU KORUMALI Radyant Infrared ISITICI
Montaj Yüksekliği 220 cm - 280cm - Montaj Açısı 45°
IPX5 SU KORUMALI (splash proof)
Isıtıcı Lamba Ömrü Ortalama 5000 Saat
Kablo Boyu 1,5 mt 180°C Sıcaklık dayanımlı Silikon Kablo 


Suitable for all interior applications - home, office, restaurant or retail outlet.
Splashproof and moisture-proof.
Compact heater with great heat output.
Great value for money too!

It features a powerful 2.0kW shortwave infrared element and a large, 
optically designed reflector for a great heat output. 
The heater casework is in powder-coated aluminium finished in glossy Carrera white. Supplied with a tilt-and-swivel adjustable mounting bracket for easy positioning, 1.5m cable and