Troyteknik End. Mobil Nemlendiriici / Serinletici  Hava Debisi : 6600 m3/hNem Verme Kapasitesi Maks. : 15 Kg/SaatHava atış mesafesi : Ortalama 10 mtEnerji tüketimi : 260 WattBesleme : 220 Volt 50 HzMotor 1450 devir/dak.Su Tankı 60 LitreKontroller:Fan Açma / KapamaNemlendirme Açma / KapamaYatay Sola Sağa salınım Açma / KapamaSpecially designed package for big outdoor Cafe, Terraces, and Restaurants. The Centrifugal Force is our latest alternative cooling technology designed for those areas where air conditioning is not appropriate. With this latest Inverter technology we have increased cooling without wetness, the system itself is maintenance-free.Cooling Air, Humidity control, Ventilation, Disinfection, Dust&Odor controlLivestock shed, Greenhouse, Mushroom growing, Outdoor cooling, Textile industry, Other industries (paper, tobacco, etc)

6600 m3/h Troyteknik Endüstriyel Mobil Nemlendirici / Serinletici

  • Özellikler:

    Troyteknik End. Mobil Nemlendiriici / Serinletici

    Hava Debisi : 6600 m3/h

    Nem Verme Kapasitesi Maks. : 15 Kg/Saat

    Hava atış mesafesi : Ortalama 10 mt

    Enerji tüketimi : 260 Watt

    Besleme : 220 Volt 50 Hz

    Motor 1450 devir/dak.

    Su Tankı 60 Litre

    The benefits are
    1) to reduce surrounding temperature between 5-10 °c 
    2) to repel mosquitoes, flies and other annoying insects 
    3) to help suppress dust 
    4) to eliminate unwanted odors 
    5) to increase the oxygen in the air 
    6) eco-friendly (no CFC emissions which cause global warming ) 
    7) energy saving (8-10 times less expensive to operate than air conditioning)

  • Bilgi:

    Centrifugal evaporative cooling system, is an ideal colling system for livestock sheds, greenhouses, outdoor cooling, and many other applications.It doesn't use nozzle, high pressure pumps, and compressors, but adopts centrifugal airflow spraying system. And therefore there is no clogging of nozzles and no trouble on its components.It gives great cooling effect for the places where airconditioners are not avaliable.

  • Bilgi:

    Centrifugal spraying system without nozzles. Easy installatiion & No need of maintenance. Adjustable water volume.Separated operatiion of fan and sprayer.Use normal water pressure or low pressure pump.