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Tavsiye edilen kullanım hacmi 200 m3Boyutlar Yük: 420mm  Gen: 315mm Der: 120mmSound Pressure level Lp [dB (A)] 3m de 39,7Enerji tüketimi 72 Watt220V 50Hz  0,38 Amp Ağırlık 29,4 kg•Cabinet, filter cover and grille made of wood finished both inside and outside with two-part naturally hardening polyurethane paint, colour black.•3 speed start capacitor motor with thermal overload protection and double extension shaft turning in self-lubricating bushings, coupled to 2 impellers made of thermoplastic material; vibration eliminated by rubber dampers located between motor and mounting.•Aluminium mesh prefilter.•Electrostatic filter, electronically controlled.•Granular activated carbon filter. •Ionizing electrodes selectable by way of dedicated switch.•On/off switch.•Fan speed controlled by 3-position rotary switch.•Electromechanical 24h timer with option of manual or automatic operation.•4 caster wheels.•Power cord with moulded plug.•IMQ safety certification.

Troyteknik KONSOL 200TFR Elektron Hava Temizleyici

  • Tavsiye edilen kullanım hacmi 200 m3
    Boyutlar Yük: 420mm Gen: 315mm Der: 120mm
    Sound Pressure level Lp [dB (A)] 3m de 39,7
    Enerji tüketimi 72 Watt
    220V 50Hz  0,38 Amper 
    Ağırlık 29,4 kg

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