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Ir ısıtıcı

IP65 2000W Uzaktan Kumandalı IR Isıtıcı

  • PATIO Elektrikli IR Isıtıcı - 2000 Watt - 630x100x152 mm - 220Volt - 2,7 Kg - Renk SİYAH

    -Near Infrared, heat approximately 2-3m wide area when mounted 2.5m off the ground  ,Electric outdoor heater 
    - Durable and weatherproof casing, IP65  
    - Environment friendly (No UV, No noise, No dust or smoke) 
    - Attractive housing case "blends in" to outdoor environments  
    - Ceiling chains and accessories are provided as standard configuration (mounting under the parasol and ceiling) 

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