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Compact performance unit designed for heating workshops, manufacturing halls and warehouse areas in industrial objects.

Üretici Firma Hakkında

olThis is as small yet high performance portable electrical air heater with a wide range of uses in industrial production and storage halls, sales halls, agricultural buildings, conference halls, exhibition and trade fair halls, car repair workshops etc.

Air flow output from 580 m3/h up to 1630 m3/h
Heat output in the range from 3 up to 22kW
Regulation of the electric heater through a built-in room thermostat as standard
For the output range of 3kW, connection to the mains network - 230V/50Hz with a standard cable and plug
Mounting on the wall or portable design as standard

Heating power:
Min.: 3000 W (10236.39 BTU/h)
Max.: 22000 W (75066.89 BTU/h)

Air flow:
Min.: 580 m³/h (20482.51 ft³/h)
Max.: 1630 m³/h (57562.91 ft³/h)

Electric Air Fan heater / mobile

Renk: Kırmızı
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