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POWRMATIC LTD Ingiltere LNVxF Serisi Çift Kademeli HIGH/LOW Gaz Yakıtlı Sıcak Hava Üreteci
60 yılı aşan Powrmatic Ltd-İngiltere Firma Deneyimi  Azaltılmış NOx oranı 
Çift Kademe Çalışma Olanağı

İngiliz Bina Yönetmelikleri limitlerine uygun ECA (Ingiliz Enhanced Capital Allowance) onaylı Düşük Yakıt Tüketimi ve Karbon Emisyonu 

Tam otomatik Elektronik Ateşleme
Alev Emniyet Kontrolu ve Yüksek Sıcaklık Limit Kontrollü 
CE ve İlgili Gaz Yönetmeliklerine Tam Uygun Mükemmel Emniyetli Yanma 
Kışın Isıtma,Yazın sadece fan ile Havalandırma amaçlı kullanım imkanı

ErP Compliance

As from September 2018 the scope of the current Ecodesign regulation (EU) 2015/1188, Directive 2009/125/EC - Lot 21 Tier 1 (ErP) regulation is widened to embrace maximum levels of Nitrous Oxide (NOx) emissions. All warm air heaters used to provide comfort for the occupants of a heated space and fuelled by either natural or LPG (Propane) gases must emit NOx levels less than 100 mg/kWh. Compliance to the standard remains mandatory.

Compact & Rigid Design

The LNVx range is reduced in its overall size allowing for smaller space installations whilst still producing the same required kW power and performance. The LNVx shell has been redesigned with more folds to increase the heaters strength and rigidity throughout. As standard the heater is finished with the new RAL 7015 polyester powder coat stove baked paint.

Anti Vibration Mounts 

The LNVx axial fans are now manufactured with anti-vibration mounts which reduces vibration and noise in any environment allowing the unit to operate more quietly and efficiently.

Optimised Range & Heat Exchanger Options 

The LNVx range has been optimised enabling environmental designers to match outputs and airflow characteristics with a wide variety of differing buildings and applications. The Four pass tubular assembly manufactured from aluminised steel formed, swaged and expanded without recourse to stress inducing welding. 409 and 316 grade stainless steel options available.

Easy Access Control Panel

The LNVx has been designed with engineers in mind. The hinged control panel allows easy access to the burner compartment during installation and servicing. The new ‘Plug & Play’ control panel allows for quick and trouble free wiring connections when on site.

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