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Energy Class A+

Max. Thermal Efficiency  95 %
 230V / 50Hz (IEC320-C13 socket)
Galvanized steel RAL 9002 elect paint and film coated
Hexagonal plastic plate counter flow Heat Exchanger
Self motorized fans with EC motors
2 x G4 filter (optional F7)

Duct Connections Ø 125mm

Operating Temperatures -25C to +60C

Free Cooling
On seasonal transitions (spring and autumn) when
indoor and outdoor temperature differences are

not significant, BSK Heat Recovery Units automati-
cally switch to Free Cooling mode by opening the

built-in bypass vent. The air will pass through this
canal without going through the heat exchanger,
thus reducing the stress on fans and operate on an
even less power. You can also activate this mode
manually from your BSK APP, or digital control panel.

Humidity Control
Built-in humidity sensor can automatically set your
BSK Heat Recovery Unit to Turbo mode when a set
level of humidity is reached in your house to quickly
dissipate the moisture to prevent it building up.

Defrost Mode
We suggest that you equip a pre-heater for uses
below -3OC to avoid freezing inside the unit,
however to prevent this from happening when there
is no heater attached, our devices automatically
enter defrost mode when temperature requirements
are not met. Defrost mode adjusts intake and
exhaust air rates to prevent icing and keep the
device temperature at a safe level. We strongly
advise you to use a pre-heater for climate
conditions below -10 C.

ModBus Compatible
Our units use ModBus protocol to connect and
communicate with each other and/or your building
management system and report malfunctions or
periodic maintenances. You can control monitor
and control your device through a computer or a
central system.

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